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Parish Maintenance and Refurbishment Programme

January 2013 update


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The Parish is now managing its maintenance in a structured way. Priorities are identified and reviewed regularly, and projects are budgeted and managed to completion.

We are fortunate to have a Reserve Fund available for  church maintenance and other major expenditures. License fees from the church car-park have been a major  contributor, as detailed in our annual parish accounts.

Father Devitt, Parish Administrator, is supported in  maintenance decisions by the Parish Finance Committee,
which includes representatives of the Parish Pastoral Council  and of Our Lady’s Hall Management Committee.
The current programme has included redecoration of the exterior of the church and railings. The flower work room has been refurbished. The car-park entrance has been improved working with the Tidy Towns Committee and a new town sign installed. A new Parish Website has been developed. (As you are seeing on ). Audit of the heaters showed some faults, which were addressed with urgency in mid January . The church sound system has been improved.

Parishioners will have noticed the poor structural condition  of some of our benches, the build-up of varnishes and stains  that make cleaning difficult, and that gaps between benches  are some times too narrow for safety, due to movement of the benches.  A first stage of the seating renovation was the addition of  chairs and kneelers at the side-altars. It was felt that this  would create a more flexible and appropriate setting for  family christenings, Compline, and for choral and music  liturgies. Methods to refurbish and upgrade benches in the  body of the church are being looked at, to include, ideally, a  thorough cleaning of the benches, structural repair, an  alignment system and swing-up kneelers to facilitate church  cleaning. Parishioners will be kept informed about the  outcome of this investigation.

The current programme also includes improvement of church doors, for easier opening,  and a look at improving the Parish Office and meeting  facilities in Presbytery No. 2.

As the programme is extended into the next financial year,  other items such as renewal of church floor coverings,
repainting the interior, a check on insulation, and further  improvement of the sound system will be reviewed as
Parishioners will be kept informed, and your views about  proposals – or suggestions about maintenance or renewal–  are  always welcome.

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